Start or Sit Royce week 1?

So I drafted Royce at the back of the 3rd round in my 10 team standard. The draft went RB heavy in the early rounds so I had to reach a bit for him. Now with the news that Booker gets the start week one, what do I do with Freeman? Bench him week one and see how it plays out? Start him with hopes of him getting the bulk of the carries? My bench is as follows:

Jos Gordon
Dion Lewis
Carlos Hyde
Randall Cobb
Nelson Agholor.

Fournette, Melvin Gordon, Baldwin, Keenan Allen & Delanie Walker are my starters.

Thanks for the advice everyone!

For me it would be an easy decision here to Flex Hyde and wait a week on Royce.

I’m in the same situation trying to figure this out in a standard league

Gurley is my RB1. After that I have Royce, Barber, Kerryon, Clement at RB and Watkins and John Brown WRs on the bench. Need to figure out my RB2 and Flex spot. Was so happy to grab Royce but now hesitant to start

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Agree with the above from @sherwoodclarke I’d start Hyde as you know he’s getting work there and see what happens with Freeman and Booker. I can’t see Booker holding that job for long, unless he all of a sudden turns into a good RB and i think we’ve seen enough to know there’s no Booker Breakout on the cards. You might be a week or 2 away from Royce Freeman time though