Start or sit week 7?

Start Kamara and AP or Chubb
Start Gordon and Kearse or Edelman?
Flex Chubb AP Kearse Edelman or Coutee???

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I’m assuming these are separate questions for 3 different teams…

Start Kamara and Chubb

Start Gordon and Edelman (Melvin Gordon might not play though, so if you have a safer option at RB this week it might be better)

Flex Chubb (if standard league) Edelman (if PPR league)

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Sorry I didn’t specify it was for the same team just based on different positions in my lineup and ppr

I’d go Kamara/Chubb for RB. AP and Chubb [should] have similar floors, but Chubb has some more upside. Neither AP nor Chubb have enough value to warrant flexing them over your WR options, however.

As for your WRs, I struggle to rank them. Gordon should be a start, but the other three feel strangely equal. I’d probably sit Coutee, but it’s close.

Watch the injury report, though, to make sure Edelman and Gordon both play. If one or both are out, that simplifies your decision.

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I’m worried about Gordon playing this week, the Chargers just signed another RB and with a BYE after this game in London they might play it safe and give him 2 full weeks to get completely healthy…

And with the game so early, I would consider playing it safe and playing Kamara/Chubb at RB this week.
It would suck to get a 0 at the RB position if Gordon doesn’t play…

as for the rest of your team, Edelman>AP>Coutee>Kearse

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Something to consider…Ramsey and bouye should shadow Hopkins and fuller theoretically leaving coutee more opportunity in the slot

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It’s josh Gordon sorry I wasn’t specific

That’s why I was thinking start Gordon and either Edelman Or Kearse then flex between the WR I didn’t choose or Coutee

Oh Josh Gordon…

In that case definitely start Kamara/Chubb at RB…
Also play both Gordon and Edelman (no Gronk this week) and flex either AP or Coutee

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