Start/Pick-up QB Playoffs WK 15 (&16)?! Help!

I currently have Matt Ryan and Jared Goff. I might need some big numbers this week with MGIII, Ekeler, and Kareem all (possibly) gone. (I have Carson and Jeff Wilson Jr., so I’m not panicking too hard.)

Matt Ryan who’s facing Arizona then Philly. (Those Ds allowing 14.6 and 19.7, respectively to QBs.)

Jared Goff faces Philly then Arizona. (Those defenses at 19.1 and 14.6, respectively.)

I’m thinking of Winston, Allen, or Mayfield off of waivers.

Winston at Baltimore and Dallas. (15.8 and 16.3. kind of scared, but I feel those are tough matchups, but Jameis keeps going.) But, I have the Ravens D, and I’m paranoid about that start.

Allen at Det. and NE (17.6 and 18.9, so that’s better but he’s got them wheels on him.)

Mayfield at Denver and Bengals (16.7 then 21.8)

If I pickup no one in waivers (I could drop Char West or Ravens/Minn D, or one/both of my QBs.)

I’m currently thinking Goff then Mayfield. Winston and Allen face some tough opponents in my view, but you never know with them. Do I get scared with Goff and drop both for Mayfield (maybe, Wentz?) Or do I go with Goff then Ryan?

Please, give me as much info as you can. I greatly appreciate it, so let me know!

Good luck, ballers! (Ten team hppr league)