Start Question

Would you start Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry in the match up against the Browns? I have Lamar Miller but he is on buy this week.

Who else do you have?

Mckinnon but I am thinking play the both of them and bank on a big game.

McKinnon at home. I say play him over Henry. I mean I think McKinnion is getting double the touches Henry is in any given week. McKinnon is a much more reliable option imo.

I was thinking that was the play I was banking on Ten taking a lead and each RB getting close to 17 Touches.

I agree with ghost here, you’ll be disappointed if you don’t start mckinnon and murray. Murray still gets the receptions, and I would never recomment starting two rbs from one team ever.

Don’t start chasing pts. Henry had a big game but it was mostly the 1, 72yd rush & TD that gave him the big game. McKinnon has the much higher floor and ceiling than Henry does. I’d still start the 2 starters instead of hoping for a big game from both your RBs. McKinnon has had 25+ pts the last 2 weeks (ppr) since he became the starter.

I was leaning that way. I am also 3-3 in the league so I am still in the running to grab a playoff spot.