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Start Reed vs SF or ASJ vs NE


Reed says he isn’t 100% but “Rule 86”. ASJ has been good s far but worried Bellichek targets ASJ for defense. Who to start? Thanks!!


In a situation like this I would go with the proven TE. ASJ is an intriguing play, but Reed is the guy you drafted early for a reason.


Thanks mark for responding and the advice. In this case, I didn’t draft either… I had been streaming and using Clay before his injury, and picked up both last week off waivers. I did draft Reed last year, but his injuries led me to the TE streaming technique. ROS year I know Reed is the better TE, but week 6 I noticed even the Fantasy Footballer show hosts are mixed in rankings and seems other fantasy experts also are mixed in their rankings.


Yeah it is a tough call, Reed is always an injury concern. I think Belichek knows the Jets weapons are limited, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the pats game plan to shutdown ASJ. I guess we will see tomorrow.