Start Rex burkhead in a last-minute standard league? Other options aren't great

Help guys!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

He would be a flex. I also have Mostert

I dont think I could start Darwin Thompson

Id be between Mostert or Burkhead

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IDK how much work Mostert gets but I feel like he has a higher ceiling

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what are your options? i cant see a pic or anything if it was posted.

@cbhorny it would basically be between Darwin Thompson, burkhead, or mostert. its a standard league though so I dont know if Burke had would be great or not. I have Tom Brady so Im envisioning him throwing a touchdown pass to him maybe or something haha

burkhead in standard is a tough one to go for, mostert has been getting a good workload and producing good numbers with it. although its not ppr, he does get passing work, so thats more chance for yards. not sure how i feel with darwin.

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@cbhorny Keep Mostert over Burkhead in standard then? And if so, is it even close or not?

Id go with Mostert!


burkhead looks like he could be a safer play with how he has been used past few weeks, but mostert has more upside to me

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