Start Riddick over Cook?

Marvin Jones and Kerryon are out this wee. Does that make Riddick a good enough play against the Chicago D

I’d play cook on talent alone

In full PPR only and even then it’s close, any format that doesn’t reward receptions Riddick offers little to no upside with a very low floor. Anywhere between 5-9 points would be my expectation for Riddick in a full PPR format, maybe 3-4.5 in standard scoring

My league is Half PPR. Any chance Riddick falls in the end zone or would that just be Blount. Cook seems to have a good chance to get a Td

I really doubt it to be honest, near the goaline i think you are right LeGarrette ‘The Vulture’ Blount will be all of that area and against the Bears i don’t even think they’ll get that many chances.

Given Cook’s lack of production and the Vikes run blocking issues neither fill me with confidence but the potential is much higher with Cook and he could actually get back into the RB2 threshold this week and does have the ability to break a big play. I’d go with him.

I’m looking at Cook vs Aaron Jones this week myself, actually really torn given the matchup for Jones in a standard league - what would you do?

I’d have say Aaron Jones. Even against Min he got a lot of receiving work and is the goal line back. I have more trust In Jones than Cook.

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Would you say that Diggs, Edelman, and Cook is enough for Mike Thomas and Carson? The Thomas owner needs an RB only has Mike Thomas as his only good Wr. Or just Edelman and Diggs for Thomas.

I don’t think MT will be for sale but if he is and you can get him for Cook and either of those WRs I’d do that immediately, three for one is okay but don’t damage your own depth too much but getting MT might cost you all three if he’s even tempted

I have Hunt, Dj, And Keenan allen. Also TreQuan and Riddick On the bench.

Go for if you can mate if you can get it done for Cook and either Diggs plus Edelman if needed i like the move for a stud WR1 to give you 3 stud players and DJ who is still an RB1 just not elite this year