Start Russel Wilson or stream Andy Dalton?

Should I start Russel Wilson or pick up and stream Andy Dalton based on the match up against the terrible D in Indy?

Wtf. Dude you don’t draft Wilson, and then bench him. Especially since he’s probably the only offensive weapon his team has. You play Wilson.

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No doubt man, start that man!

What this guy said. I am streaming Dalton but its because I have Matt Ryan and he is playing Philly. Don’t get cute.

Wilson has less weapons on offense with a half health Doug Baldwin,a lack luster WR in Tyler Locket and a terrible offensive line.
Also they are playing against the Denver Broncos which may mean that Von Miller will be eating.

Andy Dalton is playing against a terrible Indy Defense. He has both AJ Green, John Ross, and Joe Mixon in the passing game.

Von Miller, doesn’t do much to Wilson. WIlson neutralizes edge rushers. Guys like Donald is what Wilson struggles with cause he collapses the middle of the pocket.

Sure, but it’s an away game, and Dalton, is trash. If Dalton was even 75% of what wilson is, than sure, I’d play him. Wilson on one leg throwing to Brandon Marshall is better than Dalton on two throwing to AJ green. Wilson will make it work. And Denver’s pass D isn’t even remotely close to what it used to be. Not elite at all.

Would you consider colts this year to be better than colts last year? I would. You know what Dalton put up last year playing colts AT HOME?

17/29, 243 yards, 2 TDs

Dalton is a fine streamer, but let’s not get it twisted and pretend like he’s an elite option. I’m streaming dalton cause I have to. If you wasted a top pick on a top QB, you play them. Cause they’re elite. It’s that easy. Don’t get cute with it.