Start Singletary or hold out for Thielen in my flex?

Unfortunately have to make this call tomorrow since singletary is playing. If I wait and Adam thielens outlook is still bad, I can play Alshon Jeffery on Sunday. Best to play it safe and play singletary or wait it out?

Im in a similar sticky situation at flex with singleterry against cowboys or allen robinson against detroit

I have to win to make play offs - its basically a winner takes all match

I think if i was in your situation id lean singleterry just due to thielan coming back from an injury

Yup Its a win and you’re in game for me and my opponent. I’m really buggin out about it. I think if thielen practiced yesterday I would definitely wait him out but I’m much less optimistic now

Any other thoughts?? Gotta make this decision soon unfortunately

Im actually going robinson just hope trubisky throws it a bit

i think jefferey and thielan have more chance of TDs

My concern is thielen actually playing. Didn’t practice yesterday due to a slight hammy scare apparently, I could pivot to Jeffery on Sunday if thielen can’t go but he’s also coming off injury…

true but alshon is up against miami and he generally gets red zone targets

is tough though, as i know if i chose robinson - singleterry will get 18-110-1 or something

Yeah I figure singletary for 15 or more carries and a few targets. Feels safer and I have upside with cooper kupp and Amari cooper as my starting WRs

Fair enough

would you start singleterry over robinson @ detroit?

i also have kupp and hope he doesnt kill my side again

Oof I think I lean singletary for safety since Robinson will be marched up with slay. He has higher upside though so if you’re looking for a big play, might go with him.

Kupp had arizona so If he sucks this week, that really sucks for both of us

I’m staying safe

I have

Let’s go!!!

Good call with that squad! Good luck

Did you go with singleterry!?

I did and luckily my opponent left golladay on the bench for John brown and jamieson crowder so fingers crossed

I did! Cooper didn’t kill me either, so that’s good. Opponent had zeke and Montgomery both have solid games so I’m in a dogfight for a playoff spot.

Nice and yeah I imagine it will be tough I also am in a tough one
I’m 29 points clears but he has two more players to play I have 6 left he has 8 so tonight will be a nail biter - good luck

made it through the week! I’m up 106-103 with Dalvin Cook left and he’s got no one. Thankful for a 20pt only game from Lamar and below average games from Chark and Evans! Hope it went well for you too!

Oh nice!sadly not - my opponent has two left to play I have none and I’m 37 points up, standard league - he has Wilson and falcon left to play so I’ve basically lost

And we both have monster benches

falcon? I wouldn’t say you’re out…that’s a pretty solid lead even with those guys.

Dalvin even lol

I actually won - by 11 points in the end

in the play offs! get in