Start Sit 10 Team Full PPR

Pick 2 (wr 2 and flex)
Mike Evans, Keenan Allen, or Golden Tate.
Pick 2 (rb)
McCaffrey, Cohen, Crowell, or Buck Allen.

Thanks footclan!

I like Evans and Allen at wr and Cohen and Crowel at RB

Flex I think I would do Tate, but keep an eye on if West is healthy or if he’ll be limited. If so, I like Allen. He’ll get tons of volume in both the running and passing game

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Thank you for your reply. I should have added that I have Brown taking the first wr slot and that I was picking 2 of the 3 for my wr 2 spot and flex, but it seems like you would trust Evans this week over Tate. The best part about Buck is that I have West so it will be easier to keep up with his status. If I knew who would have a better season overall I would try to trade West or Buck.

You should have AB & Evans in your lineup every week and be flexing Keenan Allen w/o a doubt until he gets hurt.

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Thank you! So no one is scared of Xavier Rhodes shadowing Mike Evans? He did a great job on AB last week. The only big catch he had was when he wasn’t covered by Rhodes.

I agree, Allen is your go to flex until he gets injured. And I wouldn’t be too worried, Evans is a freak of nature, and guys like that give me confidence to plug and play

Keenan Allen that is lol

I think I would go Allen and Tate in a full PPR this week. The matchups are better, and while I would generally go Evans over Tate any day, I don’t like Evans against Rhodes in a game where I think TB will get ahead of an ineffective MN offense (w/o Bradford). I think Tate can make up the rest in receptions in a solid game against ATL.

As for RB, I’m having the same issue choosing between Cohen and Allen, but I think I’d go Allen and Crowell based on matchups.