Start/Sit - 4 BIG questions, Help!

Full PPR. Second round of the play-offs. QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLEX, DEF, K

Starters - Cook, Hopkins, Sutton, Ertz

  1. QB dilemma. Picked up Tannehill off waivers and I have Wilson. Wilson hasn’t been getting it done for me while Tannehill is playing very well. Thoughts?

  2. RB - Mostert or Sanders. Mostert is playing lights out and has been declared the “Starter” while Sanders and the Eagles have been ehhh.

  3. Flex - I have Thielen, Boyd, Michel, or the other RB I don’t use between Mostert and Sanders. I don’t know what I will get out of Thielen. The unknown scares me. Boyd has a VERY tough match-up with NE. Michel has been doodoo. He was getting volume, but last game only got 5 carries. I could put the other RB I don’t use as my RB2 in the flex.

  4. DEF - SF or TB?

Thoughts? Thank you!

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I’ll try to help with #'s 1 & 4.

  1. My QB model has Tannehill projected to be the QB2 this week and Wilson the QB13, so I would definitely pick up Tannehill and play him. It also keeps him away from any potential opponents next week since he is projected to be the QB5 (but you’d probably play Wilson in Week 16, he’s currently the projected QB3 vs. Arizona).

  2. My DST model projects SF to be the DST3 and TB to be the DST13 this week. SF did have two significant injuries to their defense last week, and there is some upside for Tampa playing against Blough with Marvin Jones now out. All that said, I would still stick with San Fran, they should be a good enough defense to overcome the injuries and I would not drop them down below Tampa.

My QB and DST models are below for reference. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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