Start/Sit Advice. Martin, Drake, or Abdullah

Martin, Drake, or Abdullah - Hyde is my RB1.

Can’t say I trust any of them this week, I like Drake going forward but difficult matchup this week.

Most Rankings show Abdullah the highest, but I have no idea why he’s always ranked where he is, when he usually does nothing.

Just game script goes well for Abdullah Lions going to be up and ahead but personally I’d go Martin I have a feeling he scores

I’d go drake…Martin lost touches last week to barber…Abdullah jus stinks he fumbled twice last week he in the doghouse Drake is very dynamic player I kno he has a tough matchup but I’d still take him over the other two…

I vote Drake as well. He has shown he can catch the rock too so maybe not as much game scripted out. Plus higher upside if they get up on the Panthers.
Abdullah is ranked cause he always gets his touches. Lions aren’t that efficient at running and the Browns have been great against the run. Martin looked like he lost touches and only looked good the first game back off his suspension and the Jets have been pretty good as of late whilst the Buccs D have been giving it up.
Cliff notes: I’d go Drake.