Start/Sit Advice WR/FLX/FLX

I have 1 WR Slot and 2 Flex Slots to fill.

WR Options: Stills, Woods, Marshall, Ginn Jr., Enunwa, Sutton

RB Options: Breida, Yeldon

Right now I have Still, Breida, and Marshall in all based on matchups.

Starting: K Allen, Landry, Elliot, Howard


I like Enunwa over Marshall and Yeldon over Breida if Fournette doesn’t play

Oh yah I should have noted - if Fournette doesn’t play then Breida is getting the boot.

Thanks for the advice on Enunwa - I have a tough time starting guys with big week 1’s…

So because a guy had a great game & massive target share Week 1 & showed great chemistry with his QB… that makes you not want to play him? Interesting

I would like to see a speck of game to game consistency before I put my money on someone. I’m reaching out for advice because I’m not sure. So thanks.

Woods and Ginn are both not bad options either, I just like Enunwa more

In the WR spot I would throw in Stills or Woods (put the other in the flex). For the final Flex I’d go with either Yeldon or Enunwa, which is entirely determined by Fournettes availability. If Fournette plays it’s Enunwa, if he doesn’t it’s Yeldon. Obviously you might have to choose before we know Fournette’s status is official, and then I might take the safety of Enunwa, because you know he’ll be starting.

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