Start/Sit and Turning Around a Brutal 2017

Hey all,

After coming in last the previous two seasons, I was really looking to jump ahead with a (finally) consistent and healthy RB1 in David Johnson. That went well.

Now I’m at risk of going 0-3 in what has been a brutal nearly-quarter-decade. EDIT: I should mention that two years ago was my first time missing the playoffs in 9 years of being in this league, and I was coming off of a championship berth. This is unfamiliar territory. DOUBLE EDIT: PPR Redraft 12 teams.

My current roster consists of:

QB: Matt Ryan
RB: Jaquizz Rodgers
RB: Tevin Coleman
WR: Dez Bryant
WR: Larry Fitzgerald
TE: Zach Miller
OP: Tyrod Taylor
K: Wil Lutz

BE: Tyrell Williams
BE: Cooper Kupp (lol)
BE: Marlon Mack (OUT)
BE: Joe Mixon
BE: Samaje Perine
BE: Kenyan Drake

Two Questions:

  1. I’m facing a loaded team this week, which already had Brian Hoyer double his projection with 33.2 points. I need some real high scoring potential here, since he’s got Montgomery, Evans, Crabtree, Gronk, Prescott and Balitmore D. Is that starting lineup the best given these circumstances? Should I be betting on a blowup from Mixon or Perine this week to bail me out? The brain says no, but the anxiety says yes.

  2. Clearly I’m a bit short at RB—who would you be looking to package/trade after this week for a true RB1? Who would you target as a buy-low candidate on other rosters?

Your help is needed, desired, and truly, truly appreciated.

is this like a 20 man league? why do you have so many handcuffs on your bench? coleman has as much chance at blowing up in this game as any of your other rbs, i would leave him there. if tampa gets up on minisotta you could see quizz salting the clock there for trickle yardage (3-4 yards a play). i like tyrell better than i like fitzgerald at this point (tyrell was pretty good last year too)

Would prob sell either perine if he has a good game or something maybe even quizz this week idk man but quizz is going to be a backup in 2 weeks, so if you can sell him now in a package i would.

Believe it or not, it’s only 12. The league is just very well calibrated at this point, and everyone scrapes the waiver wire multiple times a day.

I went the handcuff route in the hopes that I could at least score someone off an injury. At this point I’m hoping that Mixon can open up into a borderline RB2/RB1 under the new OC, and that I can get some trade value off of Perine or Mack (in the case Frank Gore finally breaks from being fed with Luck out). Brutal year so far, honestly, and picking at the No. 1 means that my value picks at the 2/3 and 4/5 turns of the draft aren’t top-of-their-tier.

Yea number 1 and 2 picks can be miserable. i learned that this year having the second draft ick in 2 leagues. the drop off in talent from 2nd to third round is more noticable than 1st to second or 3rd to 4th.