Start/Sit - ASJ or Delanie; Dak or Stafford

In a dilemma on who to start this week at QB and TE.

QB: Dak @ ATL or Stafford vs. CLE
TE: ASJ @ TB or Delanie vs. CIN


Both QBs and TEs have favorable matchups. I guess Dak and ASJ (because of TD potential) would be my picks but honestly it’s close and I think either way you go would be fine.

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I agree, Dak’s been on a roll and the TE’s have good matchups. Ive played ASJ lately and he’s underperformed while Delanie had a solid week last week. Not sure if ASJ bounces back and if Delanie continues his recent performance

Personally would go Stafford and ASJ.

Feels like a trap game for Dak, what with his ailing WRs. Stafford has a great match-up and great weapons. Only argument is Dak can run. But Atlanta’s defense is off and on. They scare me more than the Browns.

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