Start Sit Choice

Start sit decision for two different teams.

Team 1. 14 team standard. Starting lineup:
QB: Stafford RB: McCaffery & Royce Freeman WR1:Antonio Brown TE: Burton

For WR2 & Flex I need to pick two of the following: Jay Aajayi, Corey Davis & Brandin Cooks

Team 2. 14 team half point.
RB: Drake & Gurley WR: Fitzgerald & Hogan TE: Engram Flex1: Marshawn Lynch

For QB should I start Keenum or Jimmy GQ and for second Flex spot I have Crowell, Penny and Breida as options.

Team 1: Cooks and Ajayi

Team 2: Jimmy G and Crowell.

  • It came out today that Breida was taking first team reps, but I do not trust Shannahan to stick with only Breida against Minnesota. I think it will be a clear 50/50 timeshare which against a tough defense like that isn’t a great option.
  • I’m not super pumped about Crowell either but I think he has a better chance to have a good game early and therefore getting the rock most of the game.
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I second this. ^^^^

I think I am worried about Jimmy G against the Vikings when Keenum has a much easier match up against the Seahawks. Also, I agree about Crowell. I think my only concern is if they get down by a decent amount Powell will be on the field much more.

Yeah I can totally get why you would go with Keenum over Jimmy. I just get the feeling that SF will be down early and even though the matchup is tough, Jimmy will be forced to throw.