Start/Sit - Choose 3

Thielen @ Chi
Lockett @ Ari
McLaurin @ NYG
Shepherd vs @ Was

Am i crazy to want to sit Thielen in favor of the other juicy matchups?

Nope i would pick Thielen to sit as well.

That would be my pick. I anticipate a repeat of weeks 1 and 2 in terms of run/pass percentage for Minn

I would be going with Lockett Shepard and McLaurin

Thank you for re-affirming my thinking!

I have all the same WRs except i have Boyd instead of Shepard. I’ll probably sit Boyd, but sitting Thielen for you might be a good play.

Vegas implied point totals:

Seahawks: 26.5 :slight_smile:
Giants: 26
Redskins: 23.5
Bengals: 20.25
Minnesota: 18 :frowning:

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