START/SIT - Cohen or Higgins FLEX option

Tarik Cohen goes up against a pretty good Pittsburgh defense however their run defense is middle of the pack and Cohen always gets his touches whether its in the passing game or run game.
I also just got Rishard Higgins off of waivers and he plays a bad Indianapolis defense. Not to mention he has been promoted to the starting position.

Who should I go with?

Standard league format

I really don’t think you can go wrong with either here… I’d rank them pretty closely in terms of overall output. IF Howard sits, I’d probably lean more toward Cohen, but idk… very close for me. I can see Higgins having another 10rec/100yd game against the Colts and probably about the same for Cohen with a bit more upside due to his explosiveness.

I lean Cohen if Howard is out. Both are on terrible teams but I think that Cohen will have more opportunity because of the amount of touches he’ll get. There’s still a question as to if the ball can get to Higgins.