Start/Sit Dalvin Cook or James Conner

Already starting Howard and Mixon in my RB slots, need a flex between Cook or Conner? All input welcome.

Currently leaning Conners…



This. It’s great to have Conner, and I know Andy talked about sitting Dalvin this week, but…talent wins out. You didn’t draft Dalvin to sit him.

And of the two, Conner is the one who has to earn his way into your starting lineup, not Dalvin. Good luck!

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I feel ya, but no Bell makes Conner a psuedo stud and its going to be run the ball weather in Ohio. The Oline pissed at Bell they may want to ensure Conners has a big day, as it may be his only start.

Cooks is the unkown,worry being if hes held back or gameflow dictates more Murray but his upside is undenaible.

Apprecaite the input @GJN27 and @saturnismine

I can’t believe people are actually thinking about this. The Conner hype from 3 pre-season games is absolutely absurd. You think you can just copy paste Bell into Conner stats and that works. That’s not how it works lol. Be realistic.

Cook is likely going to see 20+ touches with about 4-5 catches. Vikings are heavy home favorites with the best D in football against an offense with no real weapons. its a heavy run-favored game.

Don’t be cute. Cook has one of the best match-ups this week. Conner a pseudo stud? are you guys high? Kid hasn’t started an NFL game in his career and Cleveland has a top 5 run defense. Same defense that held Bell to 31 yards last year.

Get real people. If I had an opponent and he starter conner over cook, I would just laugh and thank him for the free points.

just lol. Cook, with proven NFL production as the heavy home favorites is the unknown but the guy who hasn’t started a single NFL game isn’t. Good joke.

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Haha thats why at times gotta come to forum to get talked off the ledge.

Stats support both sides, check the numbers put up by RB replacements for Bell in the past, obviously its not a cut and paste, dont be ridiculous no one thinks that, but theres value with the volume of carries and goaline work.

I get what your saying same agruments I go back and forth on and the unkown on Cooks is regards to his knee and is he mentally ready to go not on his ablity so settle down.

22 12 27 13, 3 2 5 1. These are the rushing attempts per game, and catches per game for his 4 starts last year. He is not locked for 20+ touches and 4-5 receptions by any means, and that’s him healthy. I mean I get it man, he should get a good workload. But there is a world where they bench him. For the exact reasons you mentioned that he would do so well. It’s just like when the ballers argued this point. The exact reasons he could be great are the exact reasons he could suck week 1. I’m still starting cook over connor, but I wouldnt be mad at him for starting connor. Connor has a workload that shouldnt go anywhere. Steelers like to use 1 RB for the whole game. See DeAngelo William’s. But it’s not insane to talk about something like this on a week to week basis since that’s what wins you weeks. Good start/sits.

I don’t need to check the numbers. I’ve was around to see it. Have watched every steelers game since Bell was drafted. The main data point anyone has to support this is basically DeAngello Williams. He was old, but he wasn’t a bum by any means and at one point, was one of the better backs in the league. Got cut from his own team cause they didn’t want to pay him, not because he was bad.

I totally agree with this sentiment season long, but you’re asking about week 1. I’ve already seen what Cook can do in a good match-up. And Cleveland, is not a juicy match-up for RBs. I would take 15-20 touches from Cook over 15-20 touches from Conner this week.

Went with Conners in a drunken stooper late saturday early sunday, appreciate the input fellas.

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Well played sir. Goes to show, fantasy is unpredictable as hell. Drunk picks = better than my picks :smile:

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Haha yea for real took some irrational confidence to fire on it, better to be lucky than good, but goddamn it feels to good to have football back.

If it’s me i’m going dalvin, i didnt spend a second round pick to put him on my bench.

It was for week 1 and I try not to concern myself with when I drafted a player when deciding who is my best option to win the week, this is gambling gotta take chances where you feel the payoff is worth the risk. Hopefully you’re 1-0 in your league as well, BOL.