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Start/sit decision... help!


FLEX start sit… Corey Davis, Aaron Jones, ROJO, Dede Westbrook, Antonio Calloway, Kenyan Drake?


Corey Davis. Not a good matchup but the volume will be there. Can’t say that for the other options


Gamble? Jones
Sure? Davis


I dropped Corey Davis this week
Been playing this game since you had to wait for the USA Today Tuesday paper to figure out the scores - and the one thing that has been extremely consistent over all these years is that the week I drop a player he goes off HUGE
It’s been a running joke, an incredibly painful running joke


So for sure Davis than? :joy:


I’m shooting for the moon with Calloway. With Higgins out, I think he sees an increase in workload and catch-rate. Its a gamble but the Chargers can be beat downfield. Not to mention, it’s Baker-Time

Up to you though.


My matchup is supposed to be super close this week. I think I will see what Barkley does tonight and see if I need the safe or the gamble. Course, I just traded away this week by giving up alot for Kamara… but, its a long season