Start/Sit Difficult decisions

Must win this week and opponent already rolled out a 44 pt. Cooper. Any advice is highly appreciated!

Need 1 WR and 1 Flex

D Thomas vs LAC
Alshon vs WAS
Garcon at DAL
Mckinnon vs VAL
Kamara at GB


well given that Diggs is out again Id do

Mckinnon as flex

and flip a coin on Garcon or Thomas

Thomas most def, but look out for his injury status. I know a lot of people like McKinnon, but I was never a huge fan of him. I like Kamara because of his pass catching and ability to line up as a receiver. The other guys are unreliable, in my opinion.

I own all 3 of your WRs + Kamara across 2 leagues.

I would for sure start McKinnon in the flex. He’s been putting up numbers, so he comes with a high cieling. Kamara has a higher floor, but you need to bet big since Cooper went off.

And for your WR, probably Demaryius b/c Sanders is out, so he’ll get peppered w/targets.

Garcon is juicy as well b/c the Dallas D isn’t good, but Beathard is starting and that’s a big unknown.

Alshon is also tempting, and I would start him over DT only if Josh Normand is out, but you won’t know that till gametime since it’s on MNF.

Hope that helps!