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Standard league flex Rob Kelley, Eddie lacy, or Cooper Kupp? Must win week

I am either between Lacy or Kupp. Kupp is facing a bad Giants team with Janoris Jenkins not playing and i think he will get redone looks. But Lacy is said to be the feature back and the Seahawks just upgraded their O-line with Brown at tackle. I think the safer play would be Kupp because I think he will get around 6-10 targets and maybe a TD, but I think Lacy has upside to bust through for a big run and get some goal line carries.

Yeah still debating I might flip a coin and let fate decide haha

Yeah, I’d wait until maybe tomorrow see if anything on the practice reports come up between the two of them. But my gut is telling me go Lacy, because besides JD McKissick, everybody else in that backfield has not looked good. And I think the Seahawks will find themselves near the goal line a lot this game, and I think Lacy will get those goal line carries, and maybe a TD or even two if you’re lucky. Plus the upside of breaking off a big run. While Kupp has upside, but there are a lot of mouths to feed on that offense, with handing off to Gurley and him catching out the backfield, Woods, Watkins, and gadget plays from Austin. My gut says Lacy.

Hahah thanks for the help ended up playing the fournette owner and playing ivory in the flex