Start Sit - Doug Baldwin Woes

Went very RB heavy in a draft and looking Doug Baldwin as one of my sure-fire WR’s (expecting to play matchups) hurts at lot. The rest of my roster is rounded out with high upside WR’s that I was hoping to not have to use this early in the season.

With E Sanders as my other WR and pretty strong floor RB’s (Barkley/ J Howard/ L Miller/ J Williams) in my RB and Flex slots who do you think is a stronger play this week.

S Shepard
S Watkins
K Cole
M Williams

Essentially 0 PPR, but bonuses for 100 yards. Currently 0 vs 0 in the matchup. Help Ballers!

I feel your pain! I went RB heavy and this week I’m hurting badly at WR lost Baldwin and Gordon… I’m now starting Corey Davis and either Mike Williams or Dante Pettis…

I’ve got Cam, Melvin Gordon, Dalvin Cook, Jordan Reed at the other posistions with Mixon already played vs his bengals D so I’m down 2 (standard scoring 12 team) need max upside from WR2 as well.

I’m thinking Pettis because I can see the Lions bouncing back and scoring and keeping the game closer for longer forcing more passes from Jimmy G. Williams could get the short score in the endzone and 50 yards or so but I’m sure the chargers wipe the Bills out early and just run the clock out with the backs so limiting his opportunity… waiting until the last moment to see if Travis Benjamin is out then it should be Williams time if not I’ll role with Pettis and hope! Based on your options I think Williams either way as I don’t see the upside with the other guys aside from Watkins but I don’t trust him after last week at all, and the Steelers don’t have anyone to hang with Hill so it should be another show from him

Same boat as a Baldwin owner that went RB heavy. I have a lot of potential breakouts on my bench at WR in case Doug got hurt but he got hurt before any of them really could. I have Allison, Watkins, Sutton. Right now I’ve narrowed my spot play down to B Marhsall or Pettis.