Start sit, Evans, Davis, Hasty

Feel like my RB1 and RB2 should be locked in as Robinson and Edmonds, so I’m questioning my flex

Evans: Bucs get AB this week and confirmed playing, no idea how they are going to spread the ball around. Could possibly allow him to get more open, or he could be an afterthought. Lot of mouths to feed

Corey Davis: can’t believe I’m even considering him but he’s been extremely consistent this year and Tannehill so far seems able to support 2 solid receivers.

Hasty: Thursday night game so quick turnaround, packers run D is awful but I could see SF falling behind quickly and them needing to get away from the run to stay in it.

Thoughts peeps?

Bumping this up

Thoughts anyone? Need a flex between Evans, Davis, and Hasty

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