Start / Sit for tonight? Howard, Murray, Thielen?

I’m down 45 points and I’m pretty sure I’m out of it at this point, but I 'm throwing up a hail mary.

I have Jordan Howard, Latavius Murray, and Adam Thielen. I have a flex and a RB spot open for tonight.

What’s the best chance to get 45 points tonight and steal a last minute win? I currently have Howard & Murray in, but I’m thinking of swapping out Murray for Thielen, I think he has a higher upside with the Chicago defense, I think Murrays cap is around 15, with a very low ceiling, while Thielen has a lower ceiling (Especially if Bradford doesn’t play) but a higher ceiling.

you have to go howard and thielen right?

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Howard and Theilen for sure. There isn’t a chance in hell that you sit Howard out of these 3, so between Thielen and Murray, Thielen has more upside

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