Start/Sit: Geronimo or Golladay?

I picked up Geronimo Allison from waivers, little surprised he wasn’t taken yet. I’m currently prepped to play Edelman and Golladay as my receivers. I’m thinking of benching Golladay in favor of Allison: Seattle’s been decent at the pass D whereas Rams have been passed on all season long (in comparison to Seattle at least). Obviously the projections are much higher for Golladay, but in a Packers/Rams game that’s supposed to be a shootout, Geronimo, to me, has a way higher ceiling.


I Allison gets the thumbs up (which is looking promising) I would go with him all the way. It’ll definitely be a shoot out… personally I think the packers may do their usual assault!

Yeah. My only thought is that Golladay is legit and the Hawks only have so much pass coverage depth which is a plus, but yeah, I really think Geronimo is pretty underprojected. I’ma do it! Thanks for the thoughts.

I would play Golladay over Allison.



I’m probably a dummy but that chart confuses me. Why do Golladay’s bright green colors indicate he’s a top 12 WR those weeks but his actual number ranking doesn’t?

Either way I’m rolling with Golladay too. Own him and hoping for the best.

You’re right. The colors are backwards for RB1 vs RB2.

I was going to play Jalen Richard in my flex, but because I can’t quite stomach benching Golladay I’m playing him over Jalen, so him, Edelman, and Allison are on deck for the weekend. Golladay is just too good.

If at all possible to have both in your lineup, I would.

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