Start sit gio Bernard or jd mckissic

Hey guys just wanted to get your opinion on who I should start this week, in a 0.5 ppr league.I currently have jd mckissic but am thinking about dropping him for Giovanni Bernard. I’m just worried about the matchup. Also I have Antonio Gibson and was planning on playing him. What do you think? Thanks for the help

Don’t drop McKissic for a 1 week rental against the best defense in the league

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McKissic is going to be a great this week, with Check-Down Alex. WAS plays DET (#1 in fantasy points given up to RBs) and since you are .5 PPR, McKissic will be the better passing play (14 targets last game) over Gibson.

And yet I’m still hoping Gibson gets some work. I need him to.
Yeah don’t drop JD for Gio. I mean, if you could justify dropping another player to pick him up I would. This Mixon injury seems really fishy now.

Gibson will still get majority of the running work. McKissic has clearly taken over the passing work due to Smith loving to check down to the RBs.

Imho, this week Gibson and McKissic are playable.


Mckissic is the player I’d rather roll out. Has a recent history to love for fantasy, has an opponent that isn’t good v his position. He’s a player you’re looking for reasons not to play. Talent is the obvious drawback but his opportunity is gigantic.

Gio Bernard is worth a pickup and perhaps a start but it’s less urgent than mckissic (I’m playing both but not entirely loving it) but not at expense of mckissic. If you have someone who you’ll never play get Bernard in and hope Mixon injury lingers

It was 2 weeks then a bye week and now another week? Something is going on.

I almost got him in a trade a while ago but it fell through. Glad it did.

Anyway, Crazydeeg4- are you making room to pick up Gio?(without dropping JD?)

Thanks for the feedback guys…I don’t think I’m picking up gio and will stay with mckissic…plus there’s no one on my roster that I could justify dropping. Provided is a picture of my roster. I could drop one of my defenses but I’m still out of the playoff picture by a game and am picking up defenses a week in advance. Proud to say I’m 5-4 after starting the season 0-4 and having Barkley as my #2 pick.

Thank you all for the help, I appreciate it.

I think you could maybe justify dropping chargers d. Yes jets are upcoming but they have not been good. I was stashing them and dropped because I haven’t saw enough from them to trust them even with jets incompetence.


I completely agree and was going to say the same thing.

No IR spots? Gonna say- throw Johnson in there and pick up Gio. You could even pick him and up and do a 2 for 1 trade.

Drop Ebron for Gio. You have a top 5 TE no need to roster 2.


Trade which 2 players? I have ir spots but gaskin and mostart are on it.

I think the 14 target game isn’t a quality stat to rely on as smith wasn’t the game plan QB for that week. Also, Kyle Allen was a check down machine too. He helped make CMC break the number 1 RB target record. So the QB change doesn’t really change much from that perspective.

I’d recommend anyone w/ mckissic to listen to Rivera’s post game interview last week when he referred to him as a 3 down back. It was scary to hear him speak so positively about him as a Gibson owner.

I think 5-7 targets is the area I’m counting on. More would be fantastic but half last week total should be enough to be someone that can be used without too much fear.

I hadn’t heard the 3 down back talk. I’m still struggling to come to terms that mckissic is a thing, him being a big thing is just too much to take in.

I do expect Gibson to be the better play this week and the future though.

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