Start sit help... alt title: Am I stupid? D-Hops is giving me some bad vibes this week

The Ballers mentioned something that got me thinking the un-thinkable: possibly benching D-Hops this week.

Two missed practices to illness, Kyler has a hurt shoulder, weather is supposed to be windy in Cleveland on Sunday (20-30 mph winds), and now Kliff got COVID and won’t be coaching this weekend.

I’ve got a solid WR corps and usually would never bench D-Hops, but with all of these things giving me the heeby-jeebies, I wanted to illicit y’alls help.

4 options, bench 1. Half PPR.

DeAndre Hopkins
Keenan Allen
Amari Cooper
Diontae Johnson

I’d say your safe benching him with those options. Mike Williams being hurt Allen could see his old 15 targets.
I say flip between Cooper and hop.

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