Start sit help for week 11

Need help figuring out how to finish my lineup for this week. Need help in WR and flex position

current WR lineup: AB, Kenny G, and MVS
current RB Lineup: David Johnson and Aaron Jones
Current flex: Sutton

Bench: Dalvin Cook and Diggs and ingram

Std. league

I personally flex Ingram.

I think your choices are all legit so I wouldn’t really worry but New Orleans is just going off. The eagles defense is no where it used to be. Eagles are gonna try to score to keep up so you might have more goal line opportunity…even though that will most likely go to Kamara, Ingram still has a good shot at it.

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I agree with Ingram in the flex. But you may wanna play sutton over mvs, denver is going to be playing catchup most likely.

Im personally torn between MVS and Sutton in my league. I also have Lindsay in my flex.
My worry about playing him and sutton is the chargers shutting down the broncos across the board.

I can see them needing to play catch up which gives sutton some upside. but again chargers d has been solid even without Bosa

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hmmm… my only concern for Sutton is can Keenum be good against the chargers compared to Rodgers against the seahawks.

Would none of you trust the vikings against the bears this week?

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Cook not a chance.
Diggs has the same problem as sutton. But kirk certainly gives diggs a better floor than keenum gives sutton,
But i still thik ingram would do better than diggs.

Bears are beatable through the air, but how good is the Vikings pass protection? Torn between Diggs and MVS over here…