Start/Sit Help: Jacquizz Rodgers or DeSean Jackson

Standard League, need help with flex choice. My lineup is:

RB1/RB 2: Fournette and Cook

WR1/WR2: Jordy Nelson and Mike Evans

Flex: Jacquizz Rodgers, DeSean Jackson, or Diggs

With news of Bradford out for Sunday, I’ll probably sit Diggs. I’m torn between Rodgers and Jackson, since I think Tampa will outscore Vikings, which may mean a rushing game script for TB.

I don’t dare sit Evans, even though Rhodes will be on him like flies on sh*t, but who would be the better flex?


Bumping once more. I can’t be the only one with this question lol.

Coming from a Vikings fan here, Jackson would be the play here. Wayne’s would be on Jackson and has been horrible so far this year. The Vikings D has been stout on the run stopping this year holding bell to 87 yards on 27 attempts.

Thanks for the input! That was my thought as well. Steelers were up on them for most of the game, making it a decent run script for Bell, but he still couldn’t produce. With Brown covered, it allowed Bryant to thrive and so that’s kind of what I’m hoping happens for Jackson.

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I would be leaning towards J.Rodgers Vikings D game plan might be to loose in the air and shut down Winston Rather than worry so much about J.Rodgers on the ground

Is that still with giving up Jackson’s big play ability in exchange for maybe 8-10 points off of Rodgers?

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D.Brees and the Saints a much better QB/ Run game maybe as well only put up 19 and lost against that same Vikings D to believe that Winston is better than Bree’s unlikely at this point

It’s tough to say. NO had that weird RB committee that they were trying to force Week 1, so it was hard to get a sense of how the run does against the Vikings. So really, the only good example we have to go on is the game against the Steelers where Bell and Brown were pretty much shut down. Rodgers is nowhere as good as Bell and I view Evans as pretty comparable to Brown in volume and skill. So I see Evans getting locked down. The only opening I see is Jackson, but that’s if Winston has the time to throw. So it’s tough. I usually like to play safe and go with the guaranteed points of an RB, but in order to beat the team I’m playing this week, I need big point potential.

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I totally talked myself out of playing Jackson lol