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Start/Sit HELP


Ty Mont vs. SEA
Hunt @ NE
Jacquizz @ MIA

Which one would you want to start out of your flex in Half PPR? My WRs suck and my RB1/2 are Howard and Gordon so they’re both locked in…

I trust the packers offense and Ty Mont’s talent the most but idk how much TD opportunity he’ll have against that defense… I like Hunt’s projected role and situation the most but do I really want to start a rookie against the Pats in Foxborough Week 1? And Jacquizz has the easiest match up but I just never feel good about starting him even with how well he did last season. Any thoughts?


Tough decision. Don’t know if you’ll like my advice, cuz I am not really giving you an answer.

Go back to 2016 stats. How many points did Ware put up against the patriots. Also, how many RECEPTIONS did the SEA defense allow to opposing RBs. I don’t really see Ty running the ball effectively against that Defense. But if Seattle gives up anything more than 4-5 receptions to RBs regularly, then I see ty getting the start for you.


Well I don’t think the Pats have played KC since 2015 playoffs so I can’t really compare with all the defensive turnover plus the fact the Pats are an entirely different monster in the post season… and Seattle has that rough defense but the only reason I’m even considering Ty Mont is his versatility inside that high powered offense…


Hunt for sure. The Pats can be run on, and Hunt is the pass catching back for old checkdown Charlie himself, so negative game script is a non-issue (maybe even a good thing, in PPR?).