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Hi Everyone!
Long time Fantasy footballer and I finally made the jump for premium (gotta love those flex rankings). I’m currently trying to figure out who to start in the flex between a handful of options. Team below:
QB - Palmer
RB - Ajayi
RB - Fournette
WR - Evans
WR - Hilton
TE - Gronk
Flex Options (2 spots) - Crabtree, Thielen, Abdullah, Reed, Kamara
I’m currently leaning towards thielen and crabtree but I know that kamara could have a great week as well.



.5 PPR, sorry to leave that out

It pains me to say it but if you’re torn between the 3 consider benching Evans this week. Patrick Peterson eliminates #1 WR’s and I like Crabtree, Thielen and Kamara this week. That said, there’s no way I’d sit Evans ever.

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What do you think about swapping Ajayi and Kamara? I drafted Kamara and have been looking forward to starting him but I don’t want to have that blind my judgment… Ajayi is also overdue.

I think Crabtree is a must start. I like Theilen as well. If it were me, the decision would be between Ajayi and Kamara. Ajayi has burned me a few time already this year. But like you said, he is due. Tough decision but nice to have a few good options to choose from.

I would start kamara and reed (if healthy)

thielen/crabtree would be next in line, they’re both questionable because of the QB situation.