Start Sit Hines and Jones

Hey guys! Looking into starting N. Hines or Aaron Jones this week (gotta decide soon for TNF). Need an RB2 behind Elliot.

Also need a flex so would you play one of the above ahead of G. Allison (or M. Valdez Scantling if Allison is out).


Also this is Dynasty Half-ppr. Just FYI

Replying to move this up into the recents. Any ideas before tomorrow?

Aaron Jones, easily. Going up vs Lions awful run D. Doesn’t need that many touches to shred them up. His role is also increasing every week. Hard to ignore the production when the gap in talent and ability between him and Williams/Ty Mont is wider than the grand canyon.

Who would you start between N. Hines and D. Baldwin? Full PPR

Baldwin. Going up vs rams gonna need to put up points and sling the rock.

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I would play Hines and Aaron Jones!!

So Aaron Jones for my RB2. And the consensus is Nyhime Hines as my Flex over either of the GB wideouts?

Jones as #2 RB, yes.

I’d go with Baldy over Hines; that Rams secondary can be had, and as Mike points out, Russ is gonna have to chuck it all night.

I actually don’t have Doug Baldwin. My other Flex options are G. Allison, Antonio Calloway, Larry Fitz, Lamar Miller, Tyler Lockett and Dede Westbrook.

I am also considering a Hines vs lindsay decision as well. I’d go Jones > Hines though