Start/Sit in season tool not working?

Is anyone having a problem with the start/sit tool?

Yeah, I’m having trouble too. Just signed up but can’t get the Start/Sit to work. I type in a name then tab to another spot to enter another name to compare and the first name disappears.

Yeah, same here!

Doing Same here

Yeah no luck here either! Hopefully it is just beginning of the season bugs

My tool is technically “working” in that I am getting results but I am confused how this corresponds with the flex rankings. When I look at the flex rankings and scoring projections MVS is higher than Singletary but when I use the tool every single pick says to start Singletary. Can someone please explain if I am missing something in how you these 2 resources or if it is simply not working and they should agree? Thanks.

Came here because I had the same issue. Flex rankings have Marvin Jones ahead of Allen Robinson, but start/sit tool says to start Robinson.

Guys I asked support about this yesterday. Here is their answer.

The guys can have different rankings but the start sit tool will suggest who the highest averaged out point projections. You’ll see this when one guy has a big swing vs the other two guys which can then have the average point projections higher even though it’s not the majority rule on the “ranking”