Start/Sit: Is it time to trust Corey Davis?

Great matchup—is it time for his targets to translate into fantasy production?

You can start two of these: Corey Davis, Latavius Murray, Jerrick McKinnon, Cooper Krupp, or Damien Williams.

Who you got?

I personally like McKinnon more this week in what should be a shootout. It’s a toss up between Kupp and Davis for the second spot. Kupp is high floor guy and Davis is definite breakout potential with high ceiling. Depends on where you are in playoff hunt and/or your opponent (if you’re projected to win or lose). If you’re trying to get in and the projections are close, I’d go with the sure points of Kupp. If you’re locked and projected to win or lose by a decent margin, gamble with Davis.

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Murray is the safe play but you’ll feel so good if you call Davis’ first big game. It comes down to how risky you wanna play it.

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I have Davis and I am playing Robby Anderson over him, and if I didn’t play Anderson it would a close call between him and DeVante Parker. I think the other commenters got it right with Davis, if you feel comfortable playing him then go for it, theres a good chance this could be the game. Im just not convinced myself.

This is a good group to have to choose from. I really like stacking players from the same team in a good matchup, The Lions have trouble against the run, and the Vikings D just handled the Rams offense without a problem. Could be a decent run game? Maybe play both MIN rb’s if you only need a big game from one? Won’t be a popular idea but Ive been doing things like that successfully for years. With those 2 backs, looking at their game logs, if one goes off the other does not. But, combined they end up with 25-30 points a game typically.

That being said Cooper Kupp stands out, no Woods this week. Playing the Saints, they will need Kupp in the slot to have a good game. I’d have a tough time benching him. The combined target/touch share of Murray and Kupp should be pretty high. Good luck this week.

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Lat Murr and Davis. for those of us who have had Davis for weeksssss we gotta play him, or else why have we been holding onto him this long.


Thanks for the input. Leaning towards both Vikings RBs, but Corey Davis is hard to sit this week.