Start/Sit King Goffrey

Currently starting Matthew Stafford over Goff. I’m nervous about the home/road splits and the Cleveland pass rush. I’ve been decimated by injuries to my wide receivers and really need a win this week.

I would start Goff only because the browns secondary is injured and their best CB is expected to miss the game

Playing in Cleveland with that pass rush doesn’t concern you?

For me, no, but it all depends on how much risk you want to take. Stafford is a lower ceiling safer play, while Goff is a higher ceiling but a little more risky

I’m playing Goff today. That pass rush is solid but it’s also had the Jets and Titans to show off against. Both of those teams underwhelm against opposing defenses and I think the Rams have the weapons to overwhelm their defense. Plus, before the Chicago game, Goff played great in primetime games.

I’ve had terrible luck so far. Tyreek Hill went down, so I traded for Alshon due to my desperation at the position. He goosed me of course. So I traded for Calvin Ridley this week. In a few weeks it will be my strength of course with Tyreek Hill, Robert Woods, AJ Green, Calvin Ridley, McLaurin, Alshon and just picked up Golden Tate this week on waivers after I missed on the big names.

I feel you man. My season start has been rough as well. I think Goff is going to have to get it going at some point though.