Start/sit Mahomes v Brady

Thanks in advance

Think I’d have to go with Brady in this one at home vs a deflated Indy team and the return of his favorite target in Edelman.

Mahomes vs. Jax feels like his first look at a truly stifling defense. He didn’t do that great against Denver after all. Not that great for how he had been playing before that at least.


Agree with @falcones404

I would start Brady this week…
The Broncos held Mahomes in check for the most part, and he faces an even tougher defense this week in Jax…
Brady, at home, getting Edelman back and with another week of Josh Gordon getting involved in the offense…I like Brady to have a huge game…

The question is, who do you start next week when the Chiefs play the Patriots??
wow FANTASY HEAVEN in this game!!
No wrong answer!!

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Oh yes. Beautiful