Need big upside

I lean Richardson. Especially if you want the upside. Watkins is a very talented WR but he is not getting it done. He’s had one game over a 100 and that same game he scored his only 2 Td’s on the season. Richardson’s and Watkins targets/receptions are close but Richardson clearly makes more out of his opportunities. Sammy can also leave you with 0-5 points.

Appreciate it. My problem is that believe Washington will be putting up any points. They don’t have anyone left for Cousins to throw to. I see Seattle going up big early and not throwing the ball.

Seattle has a lot of options to throw too. It’s a tough two to choose from. But ironically I have both players in my standard league and I’m playing Richardson. Play Watkins , We’ll water bet it! Hahaha I just despise Watkins now after he wasted more than three starts.