Start/Sit Qb and Flex

Kirk Cousins vs Andy Dalton
Tarik Cohen vs Tyler Boyd va Brandin Cooks
Full PPR no keepers
I’m leaning toward Cousins and Cohen but need some assistance

Those are some tough calls…might depend on your match up…Cousins vs Dalton is basically a toss up to me, maybe a slight edge to Dalton vs Bucs D and Saints D on the rise.
Flex options, I would say Cohen if you need a safe floor, Boyd to stack with Dalton is a nice play, but cooks with Kupp out is equally as nice…I would probably stack Boyd and Dalton on the hope that Boyd gets a higher volume than Cooks with Gurley getting lots of work to keep Rodgers off the field.

I get what you’re saying. Matchup this week is def in my favor, he’s got Kamara and D Adams as his studs but the rest of the team is pretty weak (shady owner) so I think I’ll go with the (hopefully) good matchup with dalton and Boyd. It just hurts because they burned me last week but it is what it is

Just realized I have three bengals in my starting lineup now (dalton Boyd and mixon) so I’m hoping for a shootout in Cinci this weekend! Pray for me since I’m relying on Marvin Lewis

Ohhh didn’t know you had Mixon too…might not be a bad idea to diversify your line up a bit for safety since your options are so close. What is your full roster?

Qb: Kirk and Dalton
Rb: mixon, Conner, Cohen, Michel, Chubb, and lev
Wr: thielen, thomas, Allen (actively trying to get rid of pissed me off too many times already) Cooks and Boyd
Te: Kittle
Been wheeling and dealing all year and got stupid lucky that my late round picks worked out (Michel, Chubb, and Conner)
So as you can see, my rbs and wrs are set in stone. Other than bye weeks I really just have to worry about my flex each week

Not gonna lie pretty proud of my roster, even if some of my league mates are pretty dumb. Still had to work to convince them to accept my trades

My goodness that is quite the team…
Well my answer changes now…stack Kirk and Theilen and play Cohen in the flex. But don’t be surprised to get nice scores from Dalton/Boyd on the bench…

Yeah I went all wr early and traded for Mixon while he was hurt and got lucky my late round rbs worked out for me! Definitely was accused of being a homer when I drafted both of my Georgia rbs but oh well

Cousins and Cooks I say. But Cohen works too to ride the hot hand. No reason not to.