Start/sit quesiton

whats up fellow footballers!! first time asker of question if that makes any freaking sense, but ive got a dilemma. should i go tevin coleman at my rb 2 or james white? appreciate the help guys. also im the DJ owner aand ty montgomery is my rb 1.

I think they’re both about equal this week. Both are in supposedly high scoring games. I think Coleman will likely see a higher snap percentage and workload, so I’d give him the edge. I’d bet on the Patriots to score more points though, so it’s possible White has more scoring opportunities.

I like James white this week over coleman

I also like James White. I think he will fill the “Edelman” role while Amendola is out.

Thanks for the help guys. I think I’m gonna end up going white. Should I even consider throwing Cohen in instead?

If Jordan Howard continues to be on the injury report, Cohen might be a good start.