Start/Sit question Diggs, Sutton, Kenny G

With the Eman injury i know sutton’s usage is going to go way up.
If you had to start 2 and sit one who would it be
Diggs against Seattle
Sutton against 49ers
Kenny G against Cards

Kenny G should see a decent amount of Patrick Peterson. I’d probably sit him

Sutton vs Sherman better than Kenny G vs Peterson?

They need Sutton to be the #1 now. Sanders tore his Achilles. Sherman is more washed up than Peterson.

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appreciate it buddy

Yes. Kenny has been the #1 and Stafford just can’t get him the ball consistently enough. Keenum isn’t great but I think he’ll find a we to get him the ball. Plus Sherman hasn’t been a typical “shadow” corner in his career. He’s also older and lost a step after his injury last year.

I’m assuming you don’t bench Diggs (barring the injury worries), you just take the good and the bad. When hes right you see how Cousins will go to him 5-6 plays in a row sometimes. That’s because Cousins is reactive in his reads. He doesn’t throw people open. He throws to open people. Diggs is one of the best in the league at getting separation from the defender.

I wasnt the OP but was building off @cveltre15 comment. But i agree that Diggs should still be started. along with sutton based off what has been said here

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