Start/Sit tonight?

.5 PPR need to decide for my flex between Richard tonight in a favorable matchup or Kenny G in a tough matchup?

Definitely start Golladay. With Golden Tate gone he is going to have an uptick in targets and although he wasn’t very productive the last two weeks, he’s been a very solid player thus far. Start him!

Are your looking for an upside play or safe play? If upside I would say Golladay especially with the Tate trade. Those targets have to go somewhere and he is the better route runner vs Jones. If safe is what you need go Richard. Only concern is he may get game scripted out handing the ball off to martin if the raiders get up early and the back up QB from the Niners doesn’t produce

All valid points. I think Golladay gets an uptick for sure but I think points are going to be hard to come by and Xavier might rotate shadowing Jones and Golladay. Only reason I’m not going Richard automatically is what you said. The Raiders sucks but if they get up early he’s useless