Start Sit Week 1

Need help with my flex. I am debating Mike Evans or Royce Freeman. Currently I have Royce in there. Standard league scoring. My other WR I’m starting are Thielen and Hill.
Any input will help!

Royce freeman.
Mike Evans got locked up by NO last year which is the game he got heated and blindsided Lattimore.
He might get more targets because it’s Fitz but that would just mean more opportunity for Lattimore as well.

Start Evans. I’d rather go down with Evans in my lineup than Freeman.

tough call… expect TB to be down on the score so Evans can see plenty of work. check the Vegas has to say and try to anticipate the game script. Leaning Evans tho

im with jnation. Both are a good choice… but I’d go down playing Evans rather than freeman.

Honestly, TB against the Saints is not super enticing. Evans was pretty inefficient last year in the red zone so I don’t see that changing too much game one of 2018. I think Freeman could run all over Seattle. It’s hard to put a rookie RB in over a “proven” WR. It feels like a coinflip to me. Go with your gut.

Thank you all for the responses! @justin_turigliatto @aucordov @nysportzguy @jnations0204 @BLumsden09