Start Sit week 13 Please Help!

Hi Guys,

I have a couple start sit questions for week 13. Win and get in. 12 team 1 pt PPR

  1. Dak or Carr this week or find a waiver wire streamer?
  2. Would you sit Baldwin for Freeman as a flex play?
    My rbs are McCoy, Ingram, Freeman and Powell
    WRs are Green, B Cooks, Marvin Jones, and Baldwin.

Your help would be appreciated! Thanks

I would go with Carr against NYG. However, it’s not a love love play so maybe depending on what you have on the waiver, it might have a better option… Freeman and Baldwin both have hard matchups this week but i would go with Baldwin.

Ok thanks for the advice! Hundley, Bortles, Gabbert and Siemian are all availble. Do you like any of those over Carr? Heard Jenkins is out so l like the raiders WR a bit more now…

Remember that Carr doesn’t have Cooper or Crabtree wk13 so you’ve got an especially tough decision. Bortles plays Indianapolis so the matchup is good, but…it’s Bortles. Hundley has an even better matchup against TB and last week he threw 3 TDs with over 20pts against ordinarily tough Pittsburgh. Personally I might consider Hundley. Carr has very few reliable targets.

if cooper plays i would go Carr, if he doesn’t either Bortles or Hundley. Both have good matchups with similar floors and high celings this week.