Start/Sit Week 5 Help

Need 1 WR and 1 Flex (0.5 ppr)
Landry vs SF
Dorsett vs WAS
C. Thompson NE
McLaurin vs NE
Ben Watson vs WAS (Far fetched play)

I like Thompson and landry. Thompson will get dump offs. Landry is fighting for less targets and coming off a good game

Agreed, Landry and Thompson. Normally I would say Mclaurin but coming off an injury and that NE defense is too good. They should be throwing a lot though given that they’ll be down so you can hope for at 6-12 targets coming Thompson’s way.

I know he didn’t do great last week but I really like Dorsett, 9 targets last week and 7 the week before. Great matchup as well so something to consider. Def not McLaurin or Ben, I would rank Dorsett, C. Thompson and then Landry.

I like Dorsetts upside this week

Yeah my big question mark was Dorsett’s Upside. He’s getting the targets and has a great matchup. Landry has one good game and not sure if it’ll continue. Thompson I feel like will get a ton of looks and touches. Thanks for the input. McLaurin’s injury and NE’s D makes we shy away from him and Watson who knows what I’m going to get out of him. Thanks for all the help!