Start/Sit Week 8 Help

PPR, Saquon and Julio obvious starts

need 1RB, 1WR, and 1 Flex from:

Ty Johnson, Hyde, Monty, Murray, DJ
McLauren, Dede, A Tate

Leaning Johnson, McLauren, and Dede

Any advice?

Should I maybe go Murray over DeDe?

bump for help. It’s a must win week and need to maximize points (had way too many unlucky weeks where I put up good points, only to lose to some superstar performance)

WR1: Julio
WR2: Terry
RB1: Saquon
RB2: Murray if Kamara sits then I’d go Hyde if Kamara is active.
Flex: DeDe.

You can make the choice for DeDe or Johnson.