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Start/Sit WR2 RB2 Flex


I’m trying to play the matchups. I’m in a .5 PPR league. OBJ is my WR1 and Shady is my RB1. So for WR2, RB2 and flex who would go with:

Keenan, Ginn, Thielen
Lynch, Hunt

Thanks Footclan


Lynch hunt and ginn


Lynch, Hunt, Allen


Even with Allen going against Denver? That’s what keeps me 2nd guessing it


we all agree on lynch hunt, but im leaning thielen. but its close with ginn, so ill go ginn to balance things up.


You might be right with Allen’s matchup. Thielen could be a ppr machine.


I’m personally leaning towards Thielen going against the Saints secondary


their secondary is better though. granted, its not hard to improve from their 32 rank from last year. i think it depends on if the vikings game plan against their young rookies. if done right, thielen could be a monster. ginn does have the tougher matchup though for sure.