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Who do I play between Keenan Allen, Alshon Jeffrey, TY Hilton, and Kerryon Johnson. Need 3 of the four.


what format?


.5 ppr 2 wr 2 Rb 1 flex


Odd man out is between TY and Keenan for me. With Riddick out, Kerryon should get more passing down work. And Alshon has be really productive since coming back. Game script shouldn’t really favor the passing game for either Keenan or TY. TY is coming back from injury though, so I’d be worried the coaching staff limits his involvement. I’d lean leaving Hilton out, at least for this week.


I’d sit Allen. London should be a blowout in the Chargers’ favor, but that means there’s the risk that the Chargers end up running the ball non-stop. Additionally, this is a west coast team traveling very far east for a very early game (6:30 PST). Maybe I’m just an eternal skeptic, but this feels like a trap game. Mind you, the Titans will be looking to prove they’re still a playoff contender after their humiliating shutout last week.


My one concern is that Alshon is playing in 20 mph winds, thoughts???


Allen, Hilton, Johnson would be my 3 this week…

When I see 20 mph winds forecasted for game time that worries me with the Philly passing game…
Also, these teams have above average defenses…
I can see this being a low scoring game…

So yeah, @CPREB_08 , I share your same concerns…