Start Stafford or Palmer?

Start Stafford or Palmer? Standard format.

This is a close one. Palmer looked really rough week one but is projected for a great game , however I would still go with Stafford. Until I see how AZ offense responds to the loss of DJ, I’d go with the safer option.

If Dak can pass for 268 and a TD against the Giants, Stafford should be able to do that and more in the spot light of MNF.

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I also have Dak Prescott (I need to trim my QBs). I think I’ll keep Stafford and Prescott, play Stafford this week, and drop Palmer. Thanks!

As a DIE HARD Lions fan, I think it’s Palmer. He looked awful, but standing next to the Colts’ defense, he’s the best looking dude in the bar lol

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