Start Sutton or Tate?

Tate has the better matchup but I feel like Sutton has the better floor. Who would you guys choose?

Would lean towards tate because NO weakness is the slot. Could be a big game for Tate if he has picked up the offense. That’s the risk you take. he barely played any snaps last week.

Sutton is going to get a game full of hayward who hasn’t been as elite this year but is more than talented enough to shut down sutton imo.

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Would you start Sutton over John Brown? He’s my other start but I’m worried with the QB shuffle there. But he too has a great matchup.

Depends what you need. Sutton is a 6-8 point guy unless he gets you a TD / big pass play which he gets plenty of opportunities at. But they are vs a better D in chargers.

Ravens get the bengals D at home which is very favorable and def can get beat deep. I def wouldn’t play JB if flacco wasn’t starting though.

This is crazy, those are the exact 3 receivers I am trying to choose between. I think I am playing Brown if Flacco is a go, otherwise pivoting to Tate as desperation play

Tate should be fine. They brought him in for a reason which is to deal with teams like the Saints. Workload was light last week but that was expected. New team and facing a tough Dallas team on passing.

I lean toward Sutton. I think after the bye another week removed from DT he’s been running with the starters enough and Keenum likes him. Tate probably has more boom and this is tougher because of the names involved more then anything but I think Sutton is the safest play and I think he gets in the end zone as well.